Resource Submission

All members may submit up to one resource to the Retail Library each month for consideration.  

Requirements for a successful resource submission:

  • Provides insight into retail business trends
  • Not promotional in nature or a direct advertisement
  • Not include negative review of another service provider or retail company
  • References supporting research or provide methodology
  • Conveys knowledge based on direct experience in the retail marketplace
  • Formatted in a desktop publishing application. Unformatted files and printed web-screens will not be accepted.
  • Includes the full report and analysis. Executive summaries or parts of a series will not be accepted unless accompanied by a full report and all parts of the series are included. 

NRF reserves the right to determine which items will be published, and when they will be published. Preference is given to submissions with a distinct point of view, conveying ideas and trends not previously published in the Retail Library. 

Please contact with any questions regarding submissions. Please note, it can take up to three weeks for a resource to be reviewed and scheduled for posting. 


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One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.

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