End the trade war

The trade war with China threatens U.S. jobs and raises prices on American families.

The administration is using tariffs as the primary negotiating tactic with China in an attempt to address unfair trading practices. Retailers agree that China is not playing fair and must be held accountable. However, tariffs create significant uncertainty and disruption that is harmful to the retail industry and overall U.S. economy.

Tariffs are taxes on Americans. So far, the trade war has cost U.S. companies over $42 billion in tariffs, led to 300,000 fewer U.S. jobs and is expected to cost the average family $2,300 each year.  Tariffs are not collected from other countries. Tariffs don't enrich our country. They do the exact opposite: Tariffs take money out of the pockets of the hardworking Americans who fuel our economy.

aerial view of a port tracker

Tell President Trump to end the trade war now and remove all tariffs.