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Retail is 52 million voices strong and we know real change happens when we work together. Take a stand with your industry on issues that matter to you most using these online tools.

Tell Congress how to help retail keep our economy safely open
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Make your voice heard and tell Congress what retailers need to protect workers and customers, keep our businesses safely
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Liquidity: the single biggest issue facing retail
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Congress has the opportunity to infuse much needed cash to struggling retailers.
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Save the Postal Service
A delivery person is delivering packages with gloves on due to quarantine
A proposed package tax could arbitrarily quadruple costs for package delivery.
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Tell President Trump: Defer tariffs now
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American consumers and companies pay the tariffs — including companies now struggling because of COVID-19.
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Say No to PRO Act
A conveyor belt with packages is shown
Retailers and their workforces are in jeopardy because of sweeping legislation that rewrites labor laws.
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Uniform Federal Data Privacy Law
A customer gives his electronic signature
The personalized retail customer experience is jeopardized by new state data privacy laws.
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End surprise medical billing
A baby is being seen by a doctor
Protect patients and lower premiums by putting an end to surprise medical billing.
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Address the nation’s truck driver shortage
16 wheeler truck driving on the highway
A massive truck driver shortage threatens retailers’ ability to meet customer needs.
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Vote Retail
Your voice matters. Whether you vote via absentee ballot, early in-person or on November 3, remember to VOTE RETAIL.
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Find Your Officials
Knowing who your elected officials are is the first step to making a difference for the retail industry.
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State Legislative Resources
Resources for state and local government relations
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Congressional Voting Scorecard
NRF scores specific legislation on how it impacts the retail industry.
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Rep. Kendra Harris examines merchandise at The Green Bambino
NRF Store Tours

NRF’s Store Tour program connects members of Congress with retailers to learn how retail powers the economy and creates jobs in the states and districts they represent.