Generation Z

NRF partnered with IBM to take a look at Generation Z — those born between 1995 and present — to determine what drives shopping behavior in this youngest generation of consumers. Download the three part series.

Gen Z shopping on social media
How brands can use social to connect with Gen Z
Younger consumers’ social media usage has gone up as a result of the pandemic. Retailers are finding the newest ways to reach Gen Z on social media to market their brands.
Mother and child shopping for groceries choosing fruit
Keeping up with Gen Z

NRF’s Consumer View series looks at what shapes retail, from retailers’ investments in technology to changing consumer preferences. In the Fall 2019 edition, we took a look at Generation Z (born 1995 and later) and found that these young consumers hold significant buying power.

Uniquely Gen Z
The first in a three-part global study explores Gen Zers’ technology preferences, “cyber-savviness” and economic influence. This report is one of the largest studies to date of the post-Millennial generation.
Gen Z consumer trends
Gen Z brand relationships
The study looks at how Gen Zers interact with brands and each other, their expectations and desires, how they are changing the dynamics of engagement as well as how brands can build strong relationships with this group of burgeoning consumers.
Teenage girls with drinks taking a selfie
What do Gen Z shoppers really want?
The third installment examines what this youngest generation considers to be “retail essentials” as well as what delights and engages them, expectations for the retail environment, their usage and attitudes toward technology and what customization means for them.
three girls sit on their phones with shopping bags after a long day of shopping

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