Supply Chain

NRF works with supply chain professionals to develop resources and policies that improve the retail industry.

Supply chain workshop

Join us in a one-day deep dive as we dissect the components of the supply chain and explore the latest technologies and processes needed to shift supply chain initiatives into high gear.

Where: NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show, New York City
When: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Warehouse shelves loaded with boxes
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Retail imports level off after rush to beat tariffs
Imports have slowed down after a months-long rush to beat increased tariffs on goods from China.
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Monthly imports reach 2 million containers for first time as retailers continue rush to beat tariffs
A new record for imports was reached before Presidet Trump put an upcoming tariff increase on hold.
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NRF welcomes delay of January 2019 tariff increase
NRF welcomes 90-day tariff pause.
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NRF welcomes signing of NAFTA update, urges approval by Congress
NRF says the new agreement updates NAFTA while continuing key benefits of the original agreement.
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