Mother’s Day

NRF has been conducting its annual Mother’s Day survey since 2003 to see how Americans will celebrate “mom” on her special day each spring.

More than 8 in 10 consumers will celebrate Mother's Day this year

NRF’s annual Mother’s Day survey shows how consumers are adapting their spending and gifting plans in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

  • 78 percent say that celebrating Mother’s Day is important to them this year given the current state of the coronavirus.
  • Consumers are interested in spending a little more, approximately $8 more, for an average of $205 on Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations.
  • Categories like electronics, housewares, gardening tools and books saw significant boost this year as more consumers are interested in giving these items as gifts.
Mother kisses smiling young son
3 ways the coronavirus is changing how we think about Mother’s Day

The pandemic has put a spotlight on opportunities to celebrate and connect with loved ones.

Breakfast tray with mother's day card
Mother’s Day Data Center

What’s mom getting this year? Where do consumers shop for Mother’s Day? Where do consumers find inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts?

See the demographic breakdown of who shops where and for what in our Mother’s Day Data Center.


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