Startups and Transformation

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Startups and Transformation

Retail is an ever-evolving industry and startups play a pivotal role in its transformation.

Read about how retailers are adapting to changes is consumer behavior, including new business models that are disrupting established industries.

Woman next to retail shelf with products
4 surprising facts about retail’s new entrepreneurs
Data from NRF’s 2018 Small Business Owners’ Survey.
Pascal Finette of radical Ventures speaking at ShopOrg
3 forces driving disruption beyond retail
Radical Ventures CEO Pascal Finette discussed retail disruption at NRF's conference.
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Store open sign in an outdoor cafe
No sign of the retail apocalypse
IHL report shows that for every retailer closing stores in 2018, two are opening stores.
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serena williams is interviewed at in las vegas
Words of wisdom from 2018
Industry tips from a who's who of retail and tech.
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Miki Beradelli, ceo of Kidbox and Guy Raz from NPR talk at 2018: A social media recap
A recap of the first day's highlights from NRF's conference.
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