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A ‘new face’ for’s Board Nominations

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We have our own sort of March Madness underway here at We’ve made a strategic decision to move up the annual nomination process for’s Board of Directors to the spring each year. This marks one of many changes to the election process, and there’s a particularly exciting new addition that allows candidates to add a bit of personality to explain why they’re a perfect fit for the Board.

Members nominating themselves for consideration can now include a short (no longer than one-minute) video as part of their nomination application. As one of the more dynamic new staples to our nomination process, we wanted to give nominees a short list of tips to think about from the technical side. Thanks to our friends at Invodo, we’ve put together a short checklist of considerations – and things not to do – to get some of the logistical pieces out of the way that should help nominees focus more on the artistic aspects of their video.

  1. Don’t leave your camera hanging. This will be a “talking head” type of video, but make sure your head isn’t bouncing around the frame. Use a tripod to keep the camera stationary.
  2. Make your presentation audible. Your one-minute pitch has to be heard. Avoid using a microphone on the camera. Attach a microphone to your shirt instead.
  3. Be visible. Make sure you can be easily seen by placing lights on both sides.
  4. Dress to impress. A little bit of powder – on men and women – will go a long way to eliminating glare. Avoid wearing clothes with any stripes, checks and patterns.
  5. Don’t be shy.  Most likely each video will be watched on a computer in a small video window, or even on a mobile device. Maximize the screen space with a close-up of yourself.

We’re looking forward to some creative submissions and believe this gives the community a fun way to show just how innovative they are. There will be 16 nominees up for consideration this year – a total of eight retail member candidates vying for four open spots, and another eight associate member candidates competing for four seats. Stay tuned throughout the nomination season by following on Twitter as we’ll be sharing the best quotes and videos using the hashtag #ShopElections. is accepting nominations through April 12 for the new board term, and we’re confident the digital industry will once again deliver another brilliant group of Board members to help shape’s contributions.