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Public Policy

Another important day for sales tax fairness

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There’s a new signpost along the long road to sales tax fairness. Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., unveiled a new set of principles laying the legislative groundwork to fix an outdated sales tax collection system. It means momentum is building for a level playing field between Main Street retailers and their online counterparts. It’s a sign that consensus is growing among lawmakers to recognize that a sale is a sale – no matter what channel – and fair is fair.

The announcement is a positive indication for local retailers who are imploring Congress to act on this issue. Retail is an industry made up mostly of small businesses whose owners cannot afford to stay behind the curve of innovation and job creation. As Main Street thrives, so does our economy. This unfair competition threatens businesses more each day, making it difficult for brick-and-mortar retailers to budget, hire and continue to grow.

And it’s the stories from Main Street that are making a huge difference. Each account is a powerful force that drowns out the opposition’s misleading arguments, like the myth that sales tax fairness would create a “new tax.” Instead, it would essentially overturn an outdated Supreme Court ruling that keeps states from requiring out-of-state sellers to collect an existing tax that is already due.

The principles released today are important, but the battle is far from over. Watch as these small business owners and retail leaders from Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont make the case for a level playing field. The nationwide movement for a fair solution to sales tax collection will go on. It’s time for Congress to stand with the retail industry and state and local leaders across the country by establishing sales tax fairness.