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Do you have a potty mouth? Does that carry over when you write product reviews online?

Apparently it does for shoppers from New Zealand, Romania and the Philippines, who were found to be the most foul-mouthed when reviewing purchases online, according to global social commenting platform Reevoo. The company, which works with numerous well-known brands, extracted data from nearly 4 million reviews from all over the world and calculated how many were rejected for profanity over the course of last year.

Romanian, Czech and Russian-speaking people swore more than French, Spanish and English speakers when reviewing a product online. Finland and Japan were the countries with the cleanest-mouthed product reviewers. Americans didn’t crack the profanity top 10 -- Canadians were more likely to use expletives when commenting on a purchase.

“The number of shoppers who read and write comments is growing exponentially as consumers look to make more informed decisions,” says Richard Anson, founder of Reevoo. “More online reviews mean more are sharing their experiences and sentiments about their purchases. It’s great to see the passion people have when writing reviews, but we recommend keeping a level head and avoiding offensive language.”