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Baconization Backlash

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Burger King’s new bacon sundae set the Twitter world a flutter, sparking a fierce debate between those who can’t get enough of the sizzling salty snack and others who cite this latest bacon by-product as an example of all that’s wrong with American food.

The $2.49 menu item introduced earlier this year is available only at a handful of Burger Kings in Nashville, Tenn.; the sundae contains bacon, soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel. According to a company spokesperson, Burger King is currently testing a number of different menu items in a small sampling of U.S. restaurants. There are no plans -- yet -- to expand the test to additional markets.

Burger King is hardly the first fast-food operator to attempt to grab a slab of American’s growing infatuation with the no-longer-just-for-breakfast meat; in fact, it’s following a trend that high-end eateries embraced years ago. Many have been serving up bacon brownies, bacon cupcakes and chocolate-chip bacon cookies for some time now. Which begs the question: Isn’t it time for this bacon trend to fizzle?