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Lucky, the magazine about shopping, recently released the findings of a research study conducted with the intent of delving into the psychology of shopping and how technology can fill a void for consumers.

Surveying some 1,000 female shoppers ages 18 to 49 with household incomes of $75,000 or more, Lucky researchers uncovered markedly different emotions when consumers shop in-store vs. shopping online. The findings also exposed emotions that are not being met in both retail environments.

What’s the solution? After putting forth a handful of concepts to determine which would resonate most with the target group, the winner was The Best of Both Worlds: Shoppers can browse online and enjoy all of e-commerce’s advantages, including organized merchandise and 24-hour universal access; they can add favorite items to their cart; instead of clicking “buy,” though, shoppers can schedule in-store appointments at their leisure.

Once in-store, the desired shopping experience includes the chance to touch and feel the merchandise and try on items. An added bonus: being guided to a dressing room filled with all of her selected items to try on upon arrival at the store.

The findings revealed:
• 60 percent of Lucky’s sample loved this concept and it resonated even more with designer shoppers (65 percent).
• When asked how this concept would make them feel, respondents ranked “pampered” and “special” as highest.
• This concept would also drive trial and sales, particularly with designer shoppers: 54 percent would try this concept, and 37 percent would shop at a retailer just because they offered it.