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A Big Step in Shoe Design

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How many pairs of shoes did you pack the last time you traveled? Two? Four?

If you ever imagined how great it would be to just pack one pair and know it would meet all your needs -- you’re about to start livin’ the dream.

Day2Night Convertible Heels is a startup focused on creating shoes with interchangeable heels that snap into place. Founder and CEO Candice Cabe noticed that a vast majority of women commuting to work wore comfortable shoes, then changed to heels in the office. Day2Night eliminates the need to have an extra pair of shoes by focusing on a simple swap of the heel that transforms a walking shoe to a stiletto in seconds.

While Day2Night Convertible Heels claims to solve travel, function and fashion dress shoe problems, there’s a lot more that goes into the design than just function and aesthetics -- they’ve had to overcome some complex design issues. The company uses design software from SolidWorks to ensure stability and flexibility during regular wear, and have tested potential scenarios from torque generated by dancing to getting caught in a grate or walking on cobblestones. Using SolidWorks software alongside 3D printing capabilities, the engineering team at Day2Night was able to determine the optimal weight-bearing load pressure for the shoe.

The shoes retail for $149.99 and are available online and in boutiques. Currently there is only one style and one color available, but Cabe expects to ramp up to 12 styles and a variety of basic hues once the start-up acquires funding. She is currently working to partner with department stores and existing brands.