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A Blessing for Busy Gals?

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Fashion mavens may remember Units, a one-size-fits-all clothing collection from the 1980s that consisted of six different pieces of clothing from which women were told they could build an entire wardrobe. Fast forward a few decades, and the latest spin on this idea comes from a company in Poland called Blessus. This modular clothing line uses zippers to create multiple looks from one basic piece. A casual dress can be converted into a smarter work dress or an evening gown by adding different pieces via concealed zippers. The line, created by designers Michael Hekmat and Marta Matuszewska and economics graduate Marcin Korytowski, is aimed at women with busy lifestyles who may want several stylish looks within one day. Will it catch on stateside? Maybe. Still, it’s not expected to have any more staying power than Units.