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AT&T’s new flagship store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue brings to life the brand’s tagline: “It’s what you do with what we do.”

Inside the 10,000-sq.-ft. store, shoppers can immerse themselves in everything AT&T is about. The goal, according to AT&T area retail sales manager Christina Cheng, is to showcase the many ways that AT&T can make a difference in customers’ daily lives.

“We know that technology and smartphones, in particular, can be intimidating for some,” she says, “and we know that most consumers barely scratch the surface of all the things these devices can do. This store invites shoppers to be more open-minded and immerses them in the possibilities.”

With more than 100 digital screens throughout the space, every aspect of the store is designed to educate customers about future wireless technologies and services. On display are the first retail demos of the new AT&T Digital Life home security and automation services and a 2012 Nissan Leaf, showing the future of automotive connectivity, safety and efficiency.

The store is organized with lifestyle boutiques including Get Fit, Be Productive and Share Your Life, and an Explorer Lounge where consumers can play and learn about apps that interest them. In the Family Life area, shoppers can explore how AT&T Digital Life services can enable them to control their home using AT&T wireless devices. And of course, there’s a product runway where AT&T can entice shoppers with the latest smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the product pipeline.