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Bump Beers & Become Buds

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’Tis the season for backyard BBQs and big beach bashes, and now Budweiser has come up with a way to make these drinking events even more social. It’s called the “Buddy Cup.”

Developed by the company’s Brazilian team, the “Cup” is actually a beer glass with a computer chip embedded in the bottom. When two Buddy Cups are touched together the bump sensor is activated and the drinking partners can become Facebook friends.

This “smart” beer glass has a QR code on the bottom that works with a Budweiser app to link the cup to the beer drinker’s Facebook account. A simple clink of the glasses triggers a friend request.

Think of the hassle it saves. No more taking out your phone and trying to add a friend’s information as you’re juggling your drink in the other hand. But don’t get too enamored with the idea. The Buddy Cup is still in the prototype phase and the testing is happening in Brazil.