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Caffeine and the News

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Nothing goes better with a great cup of coffee than the top headlines of the day. That’s the conclusion Y&R Dubai came to when it was hired to help Gulf News gain subscribers and increase web traffic. Believing that the two were an ideal fit, Y&R Dubai approached global coffee chain Tim Hortons with the idea of adapting the coffee cup sleeve into an advertising medium for Gulf News. According to Springwise, the resulting “Headline News Cup Sleeve” is printed using a special printer at POS; the news headline is updated hourly. Also included on the cup sleeve are a short URL and a QR code directing customers to the Gulf News website. Is it working? Close to 3,000 new Gulf News Twitter followers signed up within the first two weeks of the campaign’s launch. Traffic on the Gulf News website grew by 41 percent, and subscriptions are up 2.8 percent to date. It certainly makes one think about whether there are other advertising mediums that businesses should consider tapping into.