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Clandestine Returns?

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Okay, admit it. You opened the gift and gushed about how much you loved it -- but before you could figure out how to put it back in the box, you were plotting its return. Don’t feel too bad. According to a recent survey, three in four (78 percent) adults say they have pretended to like a gift -- even if they didn’t care for it at all. The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of, also found that more than one in five (21 percent) said it was “very likely” that they would return holiday gifts they didn’t like, while 32 percent said it was at least somewhat likely. What’s worse? Nearly one in five (17 percent) admit they’ve gotten “caught” returning a gift -- including everything from never wearing an item to never displaying it in their home to the worst indignation of all: being caught at the returns counter red-handed. Interestingly, those surveyed seem to have a bit of returners’ remorse; 27 percent of those who had returned a gift in the past said they felt guilty afterward. But here’s the rub: 13 percent reveal that they would be offended if they realized someone had returned a gift they’d given. It could be worse. Imagine how they’d feel if their gift was re-gifted the following year and they found out. Yikes!