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How many times do you look at a restaurant plate and think, “Oh my gosh, the portions are huge.” Sometimes we take home part of the meal in a doggie bag; more often what isn’t eaten goes to waste.

A new company is out to change that -- and help feed the hungry, too. Halfsies is a social initiative that offers restaurant-goers a choice that provides a healthier portion size, reduces food waste and supports the fight against hunger.

Halfsies is working to partner with local restaurants for participation in the program. Those who agree to take part are asked to designate a number of meals on their menu to include in the program, identifying them with a small symbol. When a restaurant-goer chooses to “go halfsies” on one of those items, she will receive a half-portion of the meal, while still paying full price. Ninety percent of the proceeds are donated to support the fight against hunger; the balance is used for Halfsies’ operations.

The Austin, Texas-based company is actively signing up restaurants in that area to participate in the first pilot; a second pilot in New York City is planned for later in the year.

According to the company website, there are nearly a billion hungry people around the world -- including 50 million in the United States. Halfsies’ aim is to make a difference to people living with hunger by helping to combat three of the world’s ongoing problems: obesity, oversized portions and unbridled food waste.