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Imprecise Allegiance

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Raise the subject of shopper loyalty and you’re in for a heated discussion.

Are shoppers loyal? Judging by the fact that 91 percent of Americans belong to some kind of loyalty or rewards program, it’s reasonable to answer “yes.” In fact, 22 percent belong to more than five programs. On the other hand, though, the National Center for Data Mining claims that more than half of loyalty program members are inactive.

New research from Linkable Networks suggests that Americans are loyal -- the problem is that they are loyal to deals: The data finds that Americans are not loyal to a single store, but rather to the savings they’re finding there.

Linkable Networks’ latest survey of consumer shopping behavior finds that 95 percent of consumers report using coupons when they shop; more than half, 56 percent, say it is as important to them to save money when buying groceries as it is in other categories. Nearly four out of ten say they would try a new retailer if they could get a better deal, despite that 30 percent said they would prefer to shop at stores they know and love.