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Creativity on Tap

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New York City
Founder and CEO: Daniel Nissanoff
Locations: Four

Make Meaning offers kids and adults the opportunity to have “fun with creativity.” Customers walk into the ultra-modern stores and, within an hour, leave with a creation of their own: customized soaps, candles and jewelry, painted ceramics, glassware, decorated cakes and paper crafts.

Revenue is generated from activities, product purchases and membership fees. Annual plans range from $36 a year for a single membership to $149 for families; one-day passes are available for $12.

“Creativity can be intimidating to many consumers,” says founder and CEO Daniel Nissanoff, “so we make it very easy and assure an impressive outcome.”

Sales associates are called ACEs (Associate Creative Enthusiasts) because “they guide our customers and ensure that they have a wonderful experience,” Nissanoff says. “We take out frustrations, inhibitions and make creativity really accessible.”

Customer count for the first store, opened in September 2010, now tops 160,000; counts for the other stores are building steadily toward that level.
Make Meaning locations become destination shops attracting large numbers of customers, which, Nissanoff says, “makes us very attractive to mall landlords. We also complement, not compete with, all the other stores in a mall.”