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Dormify: Pushing the boundaries of retail like never before

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Dormify was born on the heels—the high heels—of a shopping trip in 2009 where a fashionable mother and daughter were unable to find chic, dorm decorations to buy for her freshman year. That one failed trip by our founder Karen Zuckerman and her daughter Amanda has now blossomed into an innovative, one-stop destination for fashionable dorm and apartment décor that is pushing the boundaries of retail like never before.

Besides the great products and services we offer, what makes us unique is how we are incorporating the latest trends in online retailing with the proven elements of social media, community development through rich content and cutting edge technology.

We make dorm decorating interactive, engaging and approachable using both high and low tech tools. For many stylish freshmen college women, designing their dorm room can feel daunting. It's our mission to show young women that decorating their room can be just as easy and fun as building a wardrobe.

To do this, we hand-picked and trained our roster of 300 “Style Advisers” to provide decorating advice for style minded individuals, in person or online, at 150 colleges and universities across the country. Customers receive free design plans and registries for their rooms and always have the ability to chat with (and even text) our designers.

Our customer is a stylish girl that sees her surroundings as a direct extension of her personal style and wants more than just an item for a price—she wants to identify with and interact with our brand and feel attached to a larger community of like-minded people.

We’re constantly innovating and finding new ways that young women can create their dream room. And we’re just getting started.

Nicole GardnerChief Operating Officer
Dormify, Inc.