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Dyson CSYS LED Task Lamp

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Retail executives likely know about LED’s cost-saving capabilities: One Denny’s franchisee saved $15,500 a year transitioning his dining rooms to LED lights. This technology goes much further than saving money; it can help your eyes at home, too.

Sleek and trendy, the CSYS LED Task lamp was designed by the son of the inventor behind Dyson vacuums. Much like those vacuums, Jake Dyson’s light brings forth great detail in design. At first glance, it looks like nothing more than two pieces of metal tacked together. But, close up, it’s visibly the utmost adjustable desk lamp on the market, allowing users to move the light up and down, closer and farther away.

What’s more, a thermal management heat pipe cools the LED bulb to ensure peak performance – giving the bulb a 37-year life span, according to Dyson. Retailing for $899, the lamp is pricier than many alternatives, but once again the Dysons have improved upon the technology behind functional products we use every day.