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Elvis: The Real Deal

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There’s no question that Elvis Presley was an original, but Elvis products ... not so fast.

Did he really wear that scarf or belt at a show? Is that 45 from Sun Records really a record that was first sold in 1956? Fake products and memorabilia are plentiful -- and given the sophistication of current printing software, it is easier and cheaper than ever to duplicate some printed items.

This year, as Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) marks the 35th anniversary of the late musician’s death, counterfeit merchandise is expected to hit an all-time high. As a result, OpSec Security, which specializes in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, is ramping up its efforts as the official authentication provider for EPE.

OpSec Security delivers an authentication program that includes a holographic label with anti-counterfeiting features, allowing investigators, retailers and consumers to verify the authenticity of Elvis Presley Enterprise branded consumer goods. The labels are used on all officially licensed merchandise.

The holographic label provided by OpSec offers an anti-counterfeiting solution that not only preserves the brand integrity of a musical icon, but also empowers fans to easily identify legitimate Elvis Presley Enterprise merchandise from low quality fakes.

“Counterfeiters will undoubtedly exploit the spotlight that the 35th anniversary of the late musician’s death will shine on merchandise by attempting to sell poorly produced knock-offs,” said Tom Taylor, president of brand protection for OpSec Security. “Elvis Presley Enterprises celebrates a musician who is supported by an unwavering fan base deserving of a guarantee that the products they buy are truly genuine.”