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Evoking an Era

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Bettie Page
Las Vegas
Owner: Design Technology Group
Locations: six stores

While most retailers might agree that shopping is entertainment, not many can actually create an entertaining retail experience. If you visit a Bettie Page store, however, you’ll see retail imagination in one of its highest creative expressions.

Both the stores and the Bettie Page line of women’s dresses, lingerie and accessories emanate from former Russian model Tatyana Khomyakova, who says she’s always had a “passion” for fashion and design -- particularly the glamour of the 1950s. Her husband, Jan Glaser, is co-founder and CEO.

The stores and their exclusive collection are named for iconic ’50s personality Bettie Page, an American model famous for her pin-up photos. Paintings of Page hang in all the stores, which average 2,500 sq. ft. The stores also have leopard-print accents, reproductions of period-style mannequins and a jukebox playing popular ’50s songs.

As Glaser notes, the stores are playful and fun, like Bettie herself. Sales-per-sq.-ft. exceed $750 annually; an average check is a little under $200, with most dresses priced between $60 and $150.

“We try to decorate our store so that it is very friendly, very inviting, very colorful,” Khomyakova says. “Everyone wants to go in and see what’s going on because it’s different.”