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It’s an age-old tenet of retail, yet all too often shop owners find themselves in a location that isn’t working. What if you could pack up your merchandise and head elsewhere?

Enter ExTreme ReTrailers, a new concept that is billed as a creative way to confront declining foot traffic head on. The company specializes in custom-designed 7’ x 14’ trailers, outfitted with exterior and interior branding, music systems and LED lighting for night use. Once designed and operational, the trailers can be delivered anywhere in the United States, allowing merchants to become mobile literally overnight.

Extreme ReTrailers came about as a result of entrepreneur Julia Hutton’s own experiences. Hutton owned and operated two Arizona motorcycle apparel shops for several years, and while the stores were located in premier biker destinations, traffic and sales slumped shortly after the economy tanked in 2008. Determined to make the best of a tough situation, Hutton outfitted the original ExTreme ReTrailer with the merchandise from her store and began selling at motorcycle rallies, bike weeks and car and bike shows across the country.

In just one weekend, the mobile store grossed double what the bricks-and-mortar location sold in a week. As sales from the trailer continued to exceed those from the store, Hutton knew she was on to something. Shortly thereafter, ExTreme ReTrailers was born.