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What’s coming in the foodservice industry?

Mintel Menu Insights recently published five trends that are expected to shape how operators appeal to their customer. The trends are based on original consumer research, developments throughout the restaurant arena and trends observed in other industries that are likely to spill over.

American regionalism: Consumers are not only more aware of global cuisine, they are also cognizant of and interested in regional specialties that define American cuisine.

Double-sided menus: Consumers want choices, and menus will continue to feature widely indulgent options balanced with healthier, better-for-you options. Also, when thinking double-sided, consider premium and value pricing.

Consumer control: Consumers expect that their voice will be heard; customized ordering systems will continue to proliferate, as will greater flexibility in menu design.

Slow it down: Items described as “handmade” or “home-style” are popping up on restaurant menus; consumers want more from their dining experience than efficiency.

Importing ideas: For many restaurant chains, growth lies in international markets. Companies that already have an international presence are working on menu concepts and product testing overseas. From there, good ideas are making their way back home. Expect the exchange to be ongoing.