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Frozen in Fashion

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Inspired by the recent hullabaloo over Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor, Schweddy Balls -- an ode to a famously hilarious “Saturday Night Live” holiday skit -- Racked National, a site dedicated to online sales, celebrity fashion and national retail, decided to create five fake fashion-inspired flavors.

Topping its list: Banana Wintour and Donna Karamel.

After seeing the mocked-up flavors, Racked enthusiasts wanted to get in on the fun. The site’s creators held a Twitter contest, inviting devotees to tweet their best fashion-themed ice cream flavors. Some of the flavors fans came up were equally clever: Dior and Galliano Split, Hugo Bosston Cream Pie, Bottega Vanilla, Michael S’mores and TiraMissoni.

One wonders if the contest will provide ice cream makers at Ben & Jerry’s with food for thought.