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A Glaring Fake?

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Numerous shoppers have their sights set on purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses this season, but OpSec Security is warning that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

OpSec, the global leader in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, is reporting an influx of fakes this year -- especially Maui Jim, Ray Ban and Oakley sunglasses -- and claims that some popular websites are among the chief culprits.

“Fake designer sunglasses are one of the most widespread counterfeit items sold today,” says Tara Steketee, senior manager for brand protection, OpSec Security. “Not only can these knock-offs damage brand reputation, they can also be harmful to consumers, as most counterfeits rarely offer any level of UV protection.”

How can consumers spot fakes? First, steer clear of sunglasses described as “cosmetic.” Also, remember that nearly all designer sunglasses are sold by authorized resellers – and that any deeply discounted “designer” product is suspicious. The easiest indicator of a fake pair of sunglasses is a misspelling or modification to the label or logo.

Finally, researching where a designer’s manufacturing facilities are located can help with determining their authenticity. The Far East is a hub of counterfeit product manufacturing; many designer sunglasses are made in other parts of the world.