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How International Retailer of the Year Burberry achieves international excellence

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A 21% increase in revenue for Q3 is impressive for any company, let alone a retailer. But even the media wasn't surprised by Burberry's news earlier this month that they had achieved just that. According to USA Today, Burberry's lift in sales can be attributed, in large part, to growth in emerging markets, particularly in China. In the 3rd quarter alone they opened six new mainline stores, including the first flagship in Paris and stores in São Paulo and the Middle East. Making their news even more remarkable is how other High Street retailers performed in 2011, or more specifically underperformed. 

It seems appropriate then, that on the exact day Burberry was releasing their 3rd quarter results, CEO Angela Ahrendts was at NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO accepting the International Retailer of the Year award. That award is given annually to an individual that has achieved international recognition for excellence in their native country and internationally. You can't argue with results, and given what Ahrendts has accomplished with Burberry (doubling the group's revenue since she took over as CEO in 2006), she was an obvious choice.

In the below video find out, in her own words, how Ahrendts has managed to keep a 150+ year old company exceeding customer expectations. That's not an easy task when you operate in 80 countries. That customer connection, and specifically the work Ahrendts has done, is one of the reasons that Fast Company Magazine put Burberry on the list of The World's Most Innovative Companies 2011.