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Remember the last time you shopped at Costco and complained about how much you spent? Good news. You’re about to feel a whole lot better about what you’ve been spending there.

A new startup called bundle recently profiled the 25 priciest places to shop in the United States. Born from the idea that consumers are seeking fact-based insights and reviews on the places they visit, not just subjective opinions, bundle builds lists based on aggregated spending data from 20 million Visa and MasterCard customers.

To come up with its list of the most expensive shops in America, bundle looked at proprietary data provided by Citi, poring over the average receipt amounts from millions of transactions in clothing stores across the United States from April 2010 to May 2011. (Personal information about the shoppers is redacted). Wholesalers, manufacturers and big department stores were filtered out of the mix, allowing them to rank the most expensive shops by average receipt size.

Oscar de la Renta’s Madison Avenue store in New York City appears to have the most well-to-do shoppers; on average they dole out $3,217 per visit. When you consider that the designer’s ready-to-wear dresses range from $1,890 to $4,790 and cocktail attire goes for as much as $10,690, the numbers are (somewhat) easier to appreciate.

Bundle reports that about half of the shops on the list are from New York City. Los Angeles came in a distant second, and cities like Naples, Fla., Chevy Chase, Md., and Chicago also show up. Though most stores were from well known designers like Alexander McQueen (10), Tom Ford (11) and Dolce & Gabbana (16), prominent bridal shops like the Vera Wang Bridal House and the famed Kleinfeld Bridal, the setting for the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress,” ranked 22nd and 19th respectively, according to bundle.

Bundle’s Top 25

1. Oscar de la Renta (New York City) $3,217

2. Giorgio Armani (New York City) $2,881

3. Loro Piana (Boston) $2,818

4. Akris (New York City) $2,649

5. Maxfield (Los Angeles) $2,258

6. Chanel (New York City) $2,115

7. Bruno Cucinelli (New York City) $2,032

8. Blake (Chicago) $2,008

9. Savannah (Santa Monica, CA) $1,970

10. Alexander McQueen (New York City) $1,847

11. Tom Ford (New York City) $1,797

12. Lanvin (New York City) $1,787

13. Ascot Chang (New York City) $1,752

14. Chloe (New York City) $1,673

15. Marissa Collections (Naples, FL) $1,608

16. Dolce & Gabbana (Beverly Hills) $1,595

17. Wilkes Bashford (San Francisco) $1,564

18. Bottega Veneta (Manhasset, NY) $1,562

19. Kleinfeld Bridal (New York City) $1,508

20. Morris & Sons (Chicago) $1,507

21. A’Maree’s (Newport Beach, CA) $1,498

22. Vera Wang (New York City) $1,493

23. Escada (Beverly Hills) $1,466

24. Saks Jandel (Chevy Chase, MD) $1,457

25. Prada (New York City) $1,429