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Many online job boards seem to focus on salaried professionals — managers, computer analysts, accountants and the like. Those sites are useful, but less so for employers and potential employees focused on hourly positions – nearly 60 percent of the U.S. workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s where comes in. “We stay focused on the hourly space,” says Shade Wilson, the company’s director of B2B marketing. Retailing accounts for about 38 percent of the jobs on the site, Wilson says, and Snagajob can help companies find hourly workers for sales floors, stockrooms and delivery centers.

By focusing on hourly workers, Snagajob has gained a unique understanding of this sector of the workforce. Its research has shown that most people looking for hourly positions want to work close to their homes. As a result, job postings can be searched geographically. In addition, the site attracts candidates that truly want an hourly position, rather than those willing to settle for one only until a salaried job comes along, Wilson says.

Snagajob currently has more than 30 million registered job seekers, up from about 26 million in January. “We are growing at about one million people every 60 days,” Wilson says. And those job seekers have about 250,000 postings, offered by 3,500 different companies or divisions, to peruse.

Efficient hiring process
For the past several years, Snagajob has helped Southern States Cooperative find employees for positions at its headquarters in Richmond, Va., as well as its retail and wholesale outlets. All told, it has approximately 200 locations in 10 states across the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Southern States also sells its wares through an additional 1,000 dealers located primarily in the Northeast, as well as through its online store. Altogether, Southern States employs about 3,500 people, and faces several challenges when trying to fill open positions.

“Because we’re in rural areas, it can be hard to find people,” says Tara Lacy, senior human resource generalist for Southern States. While the tactics that have been used in the past — posting a notice on a store window or placing an ad in the local paper — can be effective, they tend to reach a limited audience.

In addition, like many retailers, Southern States needs temporary workers for its busy season; not the holiday rush most retailers experience, but rather from February to June, coinciding with the planting season. During these months, the company typically hires 200 to 300 temporary employees, Lacy says.

Snagajob allows Southern States to reach a broader pool of potential candidates than it can by placing a sign in the window or an ad in the paper — and, as Lacy points out, the days of candidates scouring classified ads are steadily coming to an end.

Snagajob’s ability to assemble a pool of candidates by geographic location is key, Lacy says. When posting an opening, she can enter the ZIP code of the location that’s looking for employees, as well as ZIP codes for the cities nearby.

When someone applies through Snagajob for a position at Southern States, his resume is electronically transmitted to the appropriate hiring manager. That makes for an efficient process, Lacy says. “You can review resumes when you want to and contact people when you want to.”

In addition, Snagajob account representatives have offered a number of suggestions that have boosted Southern States’ ability to attract qualified applicants. For instance, Snagajob recently recommended that Southern States send e-mails to individuals who have registered on Snagajob and indicated that they live in the same area as Southern States locations that need employees.

Snagajob also suggested that Southern States reach out to colleges that offer agriculture and related courses and are located near the company’s retail and wholesale locations.

Additional tools

Southern States did not have to install hardware or software to work with Snagajob; it simply registered on the site. Currently, when an opening comes up, a Southern States employee will e-mail a description to Snagajob, and an employee there will post it on the site.

Once Southern States implements its applicant tracking system, all hourly positions will be posted both on Southern States’ website, as well as on the job boards with which the company partners. Each night, the tracking system will go through the applications that came in that day, and let Southern States know who’s applied. The hiring manager will be able to schedule an interview with the most promising candidates. “It will be a really seamless process,” Lacy says.

Along with job postings, Snagajob offers a number of tools companies can use, such as candidate assessment questionnaires. Snagajob also is developing new tools for scheduling and training. “It’s an entire talent management suite,” Wilson says.

Some firms, particularly those with higher levels of turnover, work with Snagajob on an ongoing basis. Through Snagajob’s location-based program, a firm can pay one fee and then post an unlimited number of jobs for all its locations. Other retailers prefer to contract for specific projects or time periods, such as the holiday season or the summer months.

Working with Snagajob offers a number of benefits, Wilson says. Because companies can pay one fee and then search for an unlimited number of candidates, the site can be a cost-effective way for companies to attract and hire hourly workers. In addition, Snagajob’s focus on hourly employees can accelerate the hiring process and reduce turnover.

That’s not all. “We believe that we can bring in an additional 6 to 10 percent in average sales,” Wilson says. The reason? Snagajob attracts candidates that mesh with companies’ needs, particularly when companies use the assessment tools to identify those candidates that best fit the job’s requirements. “The candidates are significantly more likely to be better employees and stay longer,” he says.