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Why in the world would a pizza chain intentionally deliver orders late? To make a point about hunger.

In a plan cooked up by Paraguayan ad agency ONIRIA/TBWA, two pizzerias deliberately provided slow service to raise awareness of hunger.

Springwise reports that the agency teamed up with the Food Bank Foundation to persuade two well-known pizzerias in the capital city of Asuncion to accept delivery requests from customers, informing them that the pies would arrive within 45 minutes.

Feigning poor service, the pizzas were delivered much later than the specified time frame, prompting a number of angry calls from those who had placed an order. When the food finally arrived, each box came with a note explaining: ‘When you’re hungry, you understand hunger.’”

The delivery persons informed the customers that the pizza was free of charge, but any money customers elected to give would be donated to the Food Bank Foundation. The agency noted that the idea behind the concept was to help those who can afford takeout to put their complaint into perspective -- helping them to realize that hunger is a very real fear for many, not just a source of irritation.

Kudos to the businesses for making the leap of faith that customers would forgive and forget the late delivery, but hopefully remember the experience and the underlying concept.