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Mobile site design, mobile apps, mobile payments. Retailers and brands have a lot to optimize for the vast and growing number of mobile users. But one topic that may not get enough attention in the mobile landscape is mobile search. The impact of mobile-centric consumer behavior on the more than $20 billion search marketing business cannot be understated. Between 25 to 30 percent of all Internet search traffic will come from mobile devices by the end of 2013, indicating a fundamental evolution in the nature of consumer search. The mobile search market is being shaped by several factors:

    • 50 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to start the search process, while almost as many (46 percent) use mobile exclusively when performing research online.
    • In Q2 2013,mobile drove 26 percent of organic search visits and 28 percent of paid clicks.
    • Google’s search algorithms will penalize “mobile laggards”  – or sites that are not optimized for mobile usage – starting this fall.

    The new Snapshot on mobile search, “Shift to Mobile Search Mandates Search Strategy Evolution” explores how mobile search affects search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Referencing research and statistics mentioned above, this analysis also recommends that retailers:

    • Understand the ROI around mobile search, particularly around cost and effectiveness, but also how it contributes to other parts of the business.
    • Tap enhancements in SEO that better encompass location, time and device.
    • Allocate budget to mobile search. For example, with mobile search ramping up, retailers are dedicating an average of 7 percent of their search budgets to search on smartphones.
    • Integrate mobile expertise into other parts of the organization such as Marketing.

    This Snapshot is a short compilation and analysis of the mobile search space for the retail industry. Like our Snapshots? We would love your topic suggestions for future Snapshots focused on mobile retailing, which are a big part of our Integrated Mobile Initiative. Leave your comment below or email us at to share your ideas.