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Tech Toy Feature

In our on-the-go world, it can be a mess juggling files between laptop, desktop, tablet PC and smartphone -- always transferring documents, never quite sure you’ve got the latest version.

Meet the iTwin, a plug-and-play device that lets any two computers anywhere in the world be connected. Users can remotely edit any shared file from any location and keep one version on one computer. This eliminates the need to transfer multiple versions of the same file from computer to computer via e-mail and USB drives.

Data can also be backed-up from anywhere -- simply plug the two identical halves into each of the two computers and they are instantly connected by hardware-based encryption.

The iTwin retails for $99 -- a one-time expense with no subscription or file access and transfer fees. AES 256-bit data encryption keeps data secure, and if one half of the device is lost, it can be disabled remotely using the other half.