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So much of the conversation around social media in retail focuses on using it to engage with shoppers. A new survey from CareerBuilder explores how retail professionals feel about using social media to research job opportunities.

CareerBuilder found that two-thirds of retail professionals use social media, indicating that they are most interested in being able to tap into career opportunities and company culture. The findings, based on the responses of nearly 400 retail professionals, show that one-third of retail workers want to see job listings most on company social media sites.

Social media makes for an easy job referral vehicle, as well: 20 percent of retail workers have referred relevant jobs to friends and networking groups.

Bill Meidell, who heads, CareerBuilder’s job site for retail workers, shared the three most important things merchants should consider as they cultivate social media:

• Social media communication is a two-way street. Retailers should keep their pages active and respond to as many fans and commenters as possible.

• Companies must be tuned in to what their online community wants and needs when it comes to content.

• Data suggests that social media is a great forum for boosting a company’s employment brand -- how the public perceives the company as a place to work.