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Kids on retail: Thoughts from the next generation of shoppers

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Have you ever watched a young child use an iPad to shop or browse? Have you ever talked to them about what they think about online versus in-store shopping, if they know what Google is, and their list of favorite stores? Some of the answers may surprise you. At the Summit earlier this month, we had the joy of looking at retail and technology through the eyes of our children. Literally. To help kick off the second day of this year's Summit in Denver, the team put together a montage of interviews asking children as young as two years old these very questions. What we saw warmed our hearts and brought smiles to the faces of thousands of retail marketers and merchandisers at the show. Our kids of retail are adorable, technologically savvy, and as many of you can imagine - they love their toy stores. For those that missed it, we’ve included the video for you below. We are pretty sure you’ll want to share it or watch it more than once. This fine young cast of characters is not only adorable - they also provide a glimpse into how shopping will be done in the years to come.