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Public Policy

Leveling the playing field through patience, persistence and perspiration

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It has been said that “patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Leveling the playing field where online retailers are obligated to collect sales tax, just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, is a fine example of that.

After more than a decade of patience, persistence and a good dose of perspiration, the United States Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act by a bipartisan vote of 69 – 27, sending a powerful statement that lawmakers understand the need to level the playing field for sales tax collection. The vote happened to overlap with NRF’s Washington Leadership Conference, as we welcomed hundreds of retail executives to our nation’s capital for retail's yearly fly-in. Sales tax fairness is only one of a handful that top NRF’s policy agenda, each of importance to the future growth of the retail industry. From sales tax fairness and corporate tax reform to economic policies that drive capital investment and the fiscal certainty needed to help spur job creation, NRF is committed to working with lawmakers and opinion leaders in shaping a policy agenda that will help retailers recognize the success they are working daily to achieve. Through the “This is Retail: Careers, Community and Innovation” campaign, our retailers are telling compelling stories on Capitol Hill and beyond that are helping to shift the perception about the role retail plays in every community across the country. And as the largest private employer of any industry sector, we cannot be ignored and our voices will be heard.