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Loss Prevention

Shrink And Shelf Availability

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To gain a deeper understanding of how to further reduce losses in the retail community, Checkpoint Systems has partnered with ECR Europe and the University of Leicester for a four-year “Study on Shrink.”

The study, which commenced its preliminary phase in November, is designed to deeply analyze the impact of shrink on product shelf availability.
“If retailers don’t manage their shrink,” says Farrokh Abadi, president and COO of Checkpoint’s shrink management solutions, “there will be a negative impact on shelf availability.”

The study will explore these issues from the perspective of an in-depth data orientation, Abadi says, “looking for the types of solutions that are going to help on three fronts” – reducing shrink, increasing on-shelf availability and improving labeling.

A separate study will focus on charting the potential impact of developments in mobile scanning technology, exploring the links between employee satisfaction and loss and discovering the challenges of managing loss in the multi-channel retail environment.