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At a time when corporate data is constantly being accessed, used and updated by multiple workers in far-ranging locations using myriad devices, the need for secure backup and real-time data sharing is more important than ever.

Footwear designer and manufacturer Weyco Group was experiencing this in a very real way: Its team of mobile workers in sales, product development and retail management can be on the road for weeks at a time, but the backup system the company was using relied on a VPN connection, requiring users to be in the office at a particular time.

Weyco, which includes brands like Florsheim, Nunn Bush, Stacy Adams, Rafters and Umi, sells via department stores across the United States, as well as online and in 25 proprietary stores. The existing back-up system “just wasn’t working,” says Jason Russ, Weyco Group’s manager of information services. “Some people would miss backups, and it was difficult to ensure that they were being performed.”

The information services department wasted precious time chasing after employees to ensure backups were made; they also had no idea where sensitive corporate data was being stored or on which devices it was being shared. Driven to find a new solution, Weyco discovered Copiun, a technology firm that delivers total enterprise document mobility to boost mobile worker productivity with no compromises to corporate data.

Designed to run in the background with minimal interference, Weyco Group reports that the solution has dramatically improved data security and synchronization.

More efficient storage
Market researcher Gartner reports that 60 percent of business data now resides “on the edge,” away from the traditional protections provided by a data center. This makes data security and backup a growing concern.

Copiun CEO and co-founder Puneesh Chaudhry says more workers are going mobile. It’s no longer just top management – even front line retail associates are using smartphones and tablets in day-to-day operations. All of that requires wireless backup capabilities that can operate anywhere, anytime, with minimal user effort.

Copiun offers a web-based solution that allows users to access files directly from laptops, SharePoint or other file servers without duplicate stores in the cloud or elsewhere. Synchronizing data across all endpoints, it ensures that users are working on the most current documents.

Copiun’s solution was specifically designed to work with minimal bandwidth – perfect for people who frequently use Wi-Fi in cafes, airports and hotels. It also allows users to sync the data from behind their firewall so they do not have to disable it in a public place and compromise security. Its unique mapping capability lets it identify reiterations and multiple appearances of images or segments in documents. It then stores the item only once, thus eliminating tremendous bandwidth usage and allowing for faster backups.

“If you have a company with a million documents and each document has a logo on it, it will only backup and store that logo once,” Chaudhry says. “It requires a lot less storage and bandwidth.”

Not only is data backed up more efficiently, it can also cease backup or transition to a streamlined mode when a device is being used to reduce the strain on resources and productivity.

Native apps
Weyco’s former manual system and VPN connection made it hard to ensure that employees were backing up their devices on a regular basis. It wasn’t just remembering to do it; it was finding the time to deal with not being able to use the device for an extended period of time. If employees weren’t in the office at the specified time, “they simply wouldn’t get a backup,” Russ says. “It just wasn’t working.”

Now it doesn’t matter where the employees are; as long as they have an Internet connection, their devices will automatically back themselves up. The VPN-less solution uses a native app on each device and features end-to-end governance, meaning information systems can track each document from creation to collaboration. It can know when it was last used and prevent it from being stored outside of the enterprise.

As a result, Weyco Group’s mobile workers are more productive, enterprise efficiency has increased and top level managers have the peace of mind that data and devices are being backed up at the right time. Since implementing the Copiun solution six months ago, Russ says it has taken all the hassle and insecurity out of backups.

“It just hasn’t been an issue anymore and it doesn’t interfere with the resources on the laptop,” he says. “We’ve also already done a couple of restores on devices and it has been very easy.”