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Modernizing the Man Cave

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Cloth & Metal
Costa Mesa, Calif.
Founder and CEO: Scott Sablan
Locations: 1

A new men’s specialty store combines a carefully selected mix of apparel with an assortment of sophisticated audio systems and lifestyle accessories.

Cloth & Metal founder and CEO Scott Sablan developed the concept out of a love of “clothing, audio and flat-out cool, unique products.”

The words “cloth” and “metal,” he says, “give a subtle nod to the range of products we carry and to the honesty of the materials used in superior products.”

The store’s four walls are made of glass, and customers can enter from any side; the lone dressing room has a stone veneer outside, but inside is painted bright red to appeal to shoppers’ “sense of wonderment.” There’s also an updated rendition of a classic Sputnik chandelier over the denim bar.

Both the 700-sq.-ft. store and the website carry the same mix of about 400 SKUs representing select brands in denim, apparel and footwear, bags and accessories, grooming and electronics — products made in the United States, whenever possible.

“We’re trying to create a lifestyle environment,” says Sablan. “We want it to feel gritty but still refined. Imagine a mid-century modern man cave meets a nice custom closet.”