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Everyone knows that shoe retailers only put one shoe on display to prevent shoplifting. After all, what can you do with one shoe?

Well, not so fast. Sneaky sneaker thieves have figured out which stores put only left shoes on display and which show only rights, the New York Post reported recently.

“They know before they steal which stores are selling which styles and sizes, left and right. They calculate before they come in,” Jennifer Lee, owner of the Sneaker Box in the Bronx, was quoted as saying. Several other small store operators reported similar stories.

“They go to Foot Locker, which has all right-sided shoes. Then they come here because we display left-side shoes,” said one merchant, noting he loses about 50 display shoes a year to the thieves.

Some have begun tethering the sneakers on their displays; another has locked 15 of his top-selling shoes in a display case to stem the thefts.

NYC law enforcement officials describe this as a new criminal trend, yet employees and merchants at chains specializing in athletic footwear insist it has been plaguing city retailers for some time now.