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Meet the 2011 Board associate member candidates

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On Wednesday, we published an "in their own words" blog post from ten retail executives vying for a place on the Board of Directors. Now it's time to give the non-retail candidates a chance to share with the community their views on serving on the Board. The eight associate member candidates below are in the running for four open non-retail seats. Read on for insight into what each individual brings to the digital retail table.

And remember! Voting begins Monday, August 15. Each member company has one voting member. If you are unsure as to who that person is in your company, please contact Sara Greene at or give her a call at 202-626-8113.

David Brussin
Founder and CEO
Monetate, Inc.
I think I am a good candidate for the Board of Directors because I would not only bring a lot of energy and experience to my board service, but also a great deal of enthusiasm for the growth of online retailing as it enters yet another phase of technological innovation, in areas like social, mobile, and location-based services. Because I believe that information technology should truly serve the retailer and the consumer, I'm eager to help companies understand how best to leverage these new technologies for enhanced consumer commerce and see them as exciting opportunities rather than daunting challenges. Finally, let me say that I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors of, which is clearly the leading organization for retailers who want to make the most of technological innovations to grow their businesses while providing their customers with the best possible online shopping experiences.
Kasey Lobaugh
Direct-to-Consumer and Multichannel Retail Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLP
I believe we’re in the midst of the next industrial revolution – this time focused on the consumer. In the not-too-distant future, the majority of consumers will be connected constantly via a “smart” device, and consumers are already more connected to and influenced by their social networks. Given this unprecedented connectivity, the digital retailing model is poised to expand dramatically, and staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. As Deloitte Consulting’s Direct-to-Consumer/Multichannel Retail Leader, and the co-chair of the Cross-Channel Retail Consortium, staying on the leading edge of key issues impacting the industry is part and parcel of my job. Helping retailers evaluate their capabilities as they move toward becoming true multichannel merchants is my everyday focus. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my time and energy to as a member of its Board, and to help shape the future of the digital retailing community.
Rob Schmults
SVP Strategic Partnerships
Intent Media has been an important part of my own learning experience. The “by the member, for the member” ethos is something I feel extremely protective of having personally gained so much from it, and I believe this would make me a good steward of what makes such a uniquely valuable organization. My history of active participation with should also help me represent the membership's short and long-term interests. Having been both a retail and a non-retail member -- as well a member from both large and small companies -- gives me a good perspective on the many needs of the membership. As I noted, I am committed to maintaining the core of’s value proposition, but also recognize that the organization must continue to evolve to keep up with the needs of both newer and older members, as well as with the constantly changing online landscape.
Daniel Schock
Retail Director
I would like to be a Board Member of because I believe I can help the organization achieve its Vision Statement of being the leading membership community for Digital Retail. I have extensive marketing and Internet experience; I was a pioneer in Internet retailing when I joined Microsoft in 1996 launching MSN to over 1000 small-to-medium retail businesses. Today, as a Google Retail Director, I work with over 100 or the IR 500 top retailers on a daily basis to solve ongoing issues: from Ecommerce analytics to the emerging Mobile market; from measuring the Internet’s effect on in-store sales to understanding cross-platform attribution modeling. I understand your communities’ challenges and will work to represent them within And finally, as someone who often speaks to the press on Internet retail issues, I will represent the Board of Directors as industry thought-leaders and influencers.
Scott Silverman
Co-Founder & VP, Marketing
Ifeelgoods, Inc.
If elected, I will excitedly apply my passion for to help the organization grow its leadership role in the industry and make involvement in more valuable to members. I 100% support and embrace’s vision to be the world’s leading membership community for digital retail (in fact, I was part of the team that developed this vision). Being Executive Director for 9 years gives me a clear understanding of’s value to members and the industry and a deep appreciation of what’s required for to reach its full potential. My other passion is social media and innovation. As a co-founder of a company that is defining a new marketing approach that ties social media with virtual goods, I plan to contribute my passion and expertise to help bring the most current thinking in these areas to its content and operations.
Tony Stockill
Javelin Group
I would like to help Shop.Org to develop a dominant position in Europe. There is huge value in cross-fertilizing ideas across the Atlantic - for US retailers as well as for Europeans. As's US members expand internationally, and as Europe becomes more mature (Google tells us that the UK is now the most mature e-commerce market in the world in terms of e-commerce spend per capita), there is an increasing need for Shop.Org to represent online retailers everywhere. I have a privileged perspective of what is happening across European e-commerce, and excellent network of retail CEOs and e-commerce decision-makers in Europe, and I am well-known on the European e-commerce "speaker circuit" as a well-informed and engaging speaker. I would like to put these assets to good use to help Shop.Org develop itself here.
Scott Wingo
While the Board of Directors is made up mostly of retailers, I would represent the sentiments of ChannelAdvisor’s 3,000+ retailers and advocate on their behalf. Having served on the Content Committee and spoken at in the past, I have proven that I can provide a different perspective that reflects the interests and opinions of retailers without using a Board position as a sales platform. Further, I would bring innovative ideas, 20+ years of experience and numerous industry connections to the Board of Directors. The Board includes the best minds of the e-commerce industry, and in many ways shapes the future of e-commerce. I believe there are great things to come for e-commerce, and I would be honored to be a part of the board that is shaping this future. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Bernardine Wu
I am passionately committed to the success of the eCommerce industry, and my actions, not words, are the proof. As a founder of 4 e-com businesses and networking organization, I’ve leveraged my expertise and connections to help all stakeholders in this market. Through my company and as an individual, I help businesses find opportunities, companies and practitioners find each other – all with the goal of mutual success. I have been fortunate to have shared my knowledge through 80+ speakerships, webinars and bylines in almost all industry channels and work with business (merchants and providers) of all verticals and sizes. is at a crossroads - where the competition for community attention is getting harder and quality information is being diluted by the barrage of options. I would be honored to help take to the next level.