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Spring Fashion-Forward

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It’s finally spring and I am so happy to kick winter to the curb. Then I started paging through the top fashion magazine “must-haves” for spring 2014 — and quickly broke out in a cold sweat at the prospect of trading my black leggings, sweater tunics and puffer coat for skimpier togs.

Topping the list of trends this season is the cropped top (cropped pants and jackets also make the list, but let’s stay on point). This style gone wild typically grazes the belly button, exposing a glimpse of flesh. Trim and toned women might be OK with this style. But for the majority of American women — average size 14, the last I checked — a cropped top means “muffin top.”

Sheer, peek-a-boo detailing is also hot for spring. Depending on where the treatment appears on the garment, this is either alluring or alarming: Sheer shoulders can be alluring; sheer hemlines — not so much.

Wide leg pants are all the rage, which is pretty terrific. I’m all about roomy silhouettes and drapey fabric, so this is a trend I can embrace. But there also appears to be a deluge of white wide-leg pants that the coolest fashionistas will don. I run screaming from white on the lower half of my body, and I’m probably not alone on that front.

And maybe you’ve heard … mom jeans are making a comeback. Do you remember when you first wore these? These jeans featured a high waist and tapered legs and were often cut from stone-washed denim. I wore these jeans before I became a mom, and given how long I tend to keep things, probably for a few years after, too. Photos don’t lie: This was not a flattering style and when Stacy and Clinton lambasted anyone who donned them, I parted with mine. That said, the latest iterations from Top Shop and Urban Outfitters look pretty appealing on twenty-somethings, but I’ll walk on by.

Color is a big story this spring. It’s bold — especially shades of blue and pinks. Vivid yellows and citrus shades stand out from the spectrum of pale pastels we’ve become accustomed to in the past. Political and economic stability may remain tenuous, yet fashion designers seem fixed on restoring balance with a palette that blends the subdued with the bold.

I will consider adopting or adapting a few of the other spring “musts” like graphic black and white prints, florals that border on preppy, mini-handbags, sexy mule shoes and classic blue button-down shirts. I may even consider a touch of fringe detailing, especially in a boho-type handbag. I’m all about adding a bit of swash and buckle to my style.

Then again, there’s a good chance I’ll trek to the store with all good intentions and return home more devoted than ever to my nearly all-black trousseau. If you see me this spring and I’m wearing black, please don’t judge. I tried — really.