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From the latest installment of “get ‘em while they’re young” comes a new iPad app for kids called My PlayHome Stores. A follow-up to My PlayHome, My PlayHome Stores features a grocery store, a farmers market, a clothing store and an ice cream shop.

The “stores” version expands on the multi-touch smarts of the original app, allowing kids to take their virtual family out for ice cream, pull items off the shelves in the grocery store and place them on the cashier’s conveyer belt. They can even tap the ATM for cash.

One mom reports her three-year-old daughter loves to pull things off the shelves at the grocery store, juice fruit in the upscale market next door and head to the clothing shop to pick out a new dress. There’s no product placement in the app (though word has it that the toothpaste looks a lot like Colgate) but maybe there’s room for some strategically placed sponsorships in upcoming versions?