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A s potential retailers prepare to dive into business for the first time and established sellers consider new areas of growth, information is more valuable than ever. One software as a service (SaaS) solution provides merchants with site, market and vendor research — for free.

“We understand that many store owners know about selling but might not know how to grow their business,” says Anatalio Ubalde, CEO of SizeUp. The online business intelligence and competitive analytical tool is giving valuable direction to businesses without the need for consultants or specialized computer-modeling systems.

SizeUp is easy to operate, and the more details a potential retailer enters, the more in-depth the data available for consideration. At the first screen, users are asked to enter their company’s business category. Three avenues of data are then available: “My Business” allows the user to compare her operation to those of competitors in the same industry; “Competition” maps competitors, potential customers and vendors; and “Advertising” provides the best places for users to target an advertising campaign.

SizeUp can be used for businesses with storefronts or online-only presences. Developer BlinkTag, which builds transportation, city planning and map-based web applications, first used SizeUp before its product was formally launched. “SizeUp helped me see where my competition was,” says BlinkTag CEO Brendan Nee, “and where I could consider relocating to save on costs, find customers and be more competitive.”

Public and private sources
Data is “hyperlocal,” Ubalde says, and can be filtered down to the ZIP code level. Vendors and suppliers can also use SizeUp to identify potential clients and underserved markets.

The “dashboard” on SizeUp includes gauges that show how well a business is performing against its competition. The closer the needle points to green on the dial, the better: The business is on a profitable track. A needle pointing to red indicates it may be overlooking profit opportunities, threats from competition and opportunities to reduce expenditures.

Users can also access a wealth of data regarding the basics of any business, including average salary, average number of employees, turnover or health care costs. “SizeUp gets smarter the more it is used,” Ubalde says.

Privacy is not a problem with SizeUp, Ubalde says. Only e-mail and password are needed, and the first level of the online product requires no identification to use. If users set up a free account and sign in, they will have access to additional reports: Data is available from hundreds of public and private data sources and include topics like demographics, geography and labor statistics.

SizeUp’s business model allows users to access the site’s information without charge, Ubalde says. Primary revenue comes from partner advertising on the site, and the technology is also licensed to search engine directories for a fee. Businesses or advertising agencies that wish to use SizeUp’s data, reports and charts to help sell a specific product in a brochure or other media can purchase a license.

“This is a data and business intelligence game changer — for those who succeed and those who fail,” Ubalde says. “We are making good quality information available to anyone, no matter how small the business.”