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After learning that most women only wear 10-20 percent of the clothes in their closets, investment bankers Brett Nothart and Rakesh Tondon have come up with a solution. For a $49 monthly fee, women can “rent” a full outfit, sans shoes, and return it for another at any time via a service called Le Tote.

When women sign up for the service, described as a Netflix for fashion, they’re asked to provide their size along with a “style profile.” Users don’t get to choose their own outfits; what they receive is based on size, location and preferences. Each tote includes three garments and two accessories.

After the tote arrives, a stylist reportedly reaches out to the borrower to determine whether she is satisfied and what she’d like to change going forward. When the user is done with the items, they can be shipped back in a prepaid box. There are no shipping and return fees, nor any set return dates, so the borrower can keep an outfit indefinitely or try several different outfits in a single month.

The items are all private label, but the company claims to purchase apparel from the same wholesalers that stock stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Target customers are women in their 20s; those who think of clothing purchases as investments are not likely to be drawn to this service. Still, for someone who recently entered the workforce and is struggling to pepper her wardrobe with variety, Le Tote could be the perfect fit.