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Philips SpeechMike

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Whether you’re sitting in the car during your daily commute, walking around your store or working at your desk, the ability to take verbal notes on the fly can boost your productivity. Executives have long used smartphones and voice recorders to take audio notes, but without transcriptions and the ability to move and archive the files on your desktop, they’re just audio files. The Philips SpeechMike is a USB microphone that puts words into a text document. It acts as a microphone, speaker, remote control and mouse, and has a compact design that allows for “one-thumb” operation. The included SpeechExec Pro Software allows users to create documents by dictating directly into predefined templates. Files can also be moved into networks for editing and transcribing. Models on the market include the standard SpeechMike LFH3200 ($299) and the wireless SpeechMike Air 3000 ($499), which comes with a docking station and AC charger. The Pro model also comes with a barcode scanner that automatically attaches that information to the dictation file.