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Jewelry company Hearts on Fire (HOF) opened a new type of store in May in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, partnering with independent fine jewelry stores but maintaining full control of the store’s brand image.

Hearts on Fire
Boston, Mass.
President: Mark Israel
Locations: 1

In place of traditional display cases, HOF has developed transparent eye-level “Jewel Boxes,” complete with mirrors and a lighting scheme that brings out the full sparkle of the diamonds inside. The open presentation, says HOF president Mark Israel, “invites customers to reach in and pick out an item and try on what they like. It’s designed to be fun and playful.”

While there are “lots of beautiful jewelry stores in the market, they are all done in a traditional way,” Israel says. “So there was an opportunity to create a modern, contemporary experience for consumers, one that addresses all the aspects of their shopping experience ... not just product and service, but an opportunity for consumers to be in a store that is open and exciting with a different kind of interactive experience.”

HOF currently owns 11 other retail stores, but the 1,500-sq.-ft. Forum Shops unit is the prototype for what Israel says will eventually be a global chain of HOF stores in high-end locations.