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iTunes still commands 63 percent of the music download market, but Amazon’s share grew to 22 percent from 15 percent a year earlier. Amazon’s e-book sales are useful in pumping up sales of Kindle devices, which compete with another Apple product, the iPad.

GameStop blames the “late stage effects of the current console cycle” for its poor start to FY2014 but is a leader in the field, with a commanding 47.7 percent share of new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 software.

QVC boasts “a strong community of hosts, designers, guests and customers who enjoy interacting on its community forum on, on social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest and … on mobile applications.” Mobile commerce is the fastest-growing part of QVC’s digital commerce, accounting for 22 percent of all e-commerce orders last year.

Toys “R” Us is a newcomer to this grouping because the qualifications were broadened to include all toys and games, so many of which include electronic components. Among TRU’s marketing moves was a family-friendly digital entertainment service featuring e-books, games and movies launched just prior to last year’s holiday selling season. TRU also created holiday toy departments in 24 Macy’s stores; this spring the company canceled a plan to return to being a publicly held company.